Canadians at WordCamp Rochester 2017

How I Started My Business During A Pandemic – WordFest Live 2021

It was an honour to speak at WordFest Live 2021 about my journey of starting my business in the pandemic. I’ve included the slides as well as the video here. There were some technical difficulties where I wasn’t able to hear or see my hosts during the Q & A, but I did get the questions answered and had a great time chatting with people live while the talk was going on. Big thanks to those who came out to support me, especially at 3 AM!

WordFest 2021 – How I Started My Business During A Pandemic from Shanta Nathwani

The day I presented this was a hard day, especially since this was being put on by Big Orange Heart, an organization dedicated to the mental health of our community. Thank goodness the community was there because I had found out earlier in the day that we lost one of our community and it hit me. I thought I was okay until then, but after hearing the news, I broke. I had to finally admit that I was not okay. I’m doing better today, especially after doing this presentation and seeing the people that I still have around me. I talk about community in my talk, and it was today, of all days, that it meant more than anything. Today, I needed my community and they were there. While I didn’t mention it in my talk, I’d like to dedicate it to Dan Beil.