MasterPress Mystery Theatre – WordCamp Santa Clarita Virtual 2021

This was a very different talk than I’m used to presenting, but it was a lot of fun! It ended up being much shorter than I anticipated, but I think it has legs as a pilot episode. This was extremely well received, and there can be plenty of stories to be told! I think there will be more, for sure. And let’s see how many of you pick up on the easter eggs I’ve put into this one. You have to have deep knowledge for these references.

Once the video is posted on, I’ll add it here. These slides include the photos that I used to represent where I had speaking parts. I still like putting them up for sake of the credits.

Thanks again to WordCamp Santa Clarita 2021 for letting me present this very different talk and having faith in me doing this presentation.

There are certain rules that you follow if you don’t want to end up dead. One of them is to never attend the town fete. That’s only if you live in a small town in England. But when it comes to solving the mystery of your website’s problems, it’s like solving a murder! In this session, we’ll go through some of the forensics and psychology of the website’s behaviour how important witness statements can be in bringing the criminal to justice!

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