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The purpose of this form is to discover a bit more about your business and what goals you’d like to achieve in working with us. This helps us to find the right fit for you and your organization. We take this information very seriously and read every answer carefully. We appreciate your time with this process and will be in touch with you soon to discuss the next steps.

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    This is your chance to tell us why you need a website and your goals for your web presence. The more information you give us the better. We use this data to better formulate a solution for you and your company. If the question isn't relevant, just type N/A.
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  • If you don't know for sure, give us your best guess. Please be as honest as possible and we'll try to work with you as to what can be done.
    You can choose more than one and/or choose "other". How would you best classify the type of website that we will be working on.
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    Again, give us your best estimate if you don't have a set time frame.
  • This includes (but is not limited to): - Colour palettes - Pages written, including blog posts - Media, including hi-res photos and video
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    It's helpful to set SMART goals. If you aren't familiar with the term, each goal should be: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-bound For example, "We want to increase sales through our website in the next 12 months by 25%." What are your top 5 business goals with respect to your website? Please provide at least 2.
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  • How many website visitors? How many leads? How many sales? Be as descriptive as you possibly can.
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