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  • WordCamp Ann Arbor 2015 – WordPress 102

    I’m coming to Ann Arbor for WordCamp! After my dear friend, Jordan Quintal recommended that I look up this great event, how could I resist? The camp runs on October 24 and tickets sold out weeks ago. I’ll be presenting one of my favourite talks, WordPress 102, which is a follow up to my ever…

  • WordCamp Toronto 2015 Pre-Camp Meetup – WordPress 101 & 102

    Welcome to WordCamp Toronto 2015! These are the slide decks I’m going to use for our Pre-Camp Meetup tomorrow night at the Sanderson Library. I hope you can join us! WordPress 101: [slideshare id=53382833&doc=wordpress101-wcyyz-150930163112-lva1-app6892]   WordPress 102: [slideshare id=53386484&doc=wordpress102-wcyyz-150930175901-lva1-app6891]

  • Posts vs. Pages and Categories vs. Tags Video at WordCamp Montreal 2015

    First time presenting at WordCamp Montreal this year! This is a longer version of the updated talk that I gave on Content Architecture in Miami earlier this year. Tried to throw in as much French as I could, but obviously needs work. Just means, I’ll have to come back next year! If you want to…

  • WordCamp North Canton Video – Introduction to the Dashboard

    They’ve just posted my awesome presentation of the Introduction to the Dashboard talk that I launched my WordCamp Tour 2015 with at WordCamp North Canton. First time I delivered this, and I loved doing it. Would love the feedback!

  • Content Architecture – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

    A big thanks to WordCamp Milwaukee for having me come back and give this talk once again. In addition to the WordPress 101, I love talking about Content Architecture. I would love to see what everyone comes up with.   Content Architecture – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 from Shanta Nathwani

  • WordPress 102 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

    Here are the slides from the second session I did at WordCamp Milwaukee yesterday for Foundation Friday. Great discussion, but let’s keep it going!   WordPress102 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 from Shanta Nathwani

  • WordPress 101 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015

    I did quite the marathon yesterday at WordCamp Milwaukee doing 4 out of 5 talks in the User Track. We started with WordPress 101. Please tell me if I’m missing anything! This talk gets better every time I give it because of comments from people like you. WordPress 101 – WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 from Shanta…

  • Content Architecture Presentation – WordCamp Montreal 2015

    I hope everyone was able to handle my terrible French this morning at WordCamp Montreal 2015 this morning. Here is my presentation that is a combination of many of my previous ones, but with some updates from my WordCamp Miami 2015 talk with the added menu stuff! I also developed some handouts for my WordCamp…

  • WordCamp Miami 2015 – Video for How To Structure Content On Your Website

    As a follow up to my earlier post with my slides, here is the video from WordCamp Miami 2015 that they did on LiveStream. You can also download the handouts here. I’m working on coming up with handouts for this talk and present them hopefully by WordCamp Montreal next month! [wpvideo inbxNs5O]

  • WordPress 101 – WordCamp Hamilton 2015 Video

    They’re already up! Here’s the video from of my WordPress 101 talk presented at WordCamp Hamilton. Hope you all enjoyed! [wpvideo 7gczCpDk]